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Mind map I first created a mind map that can be seen by clicking on the link above ^^ (it is too big to be inserted as a picture). Here is my explanation of it! I first decided to split… Continue Reading →

Digital Citizenship

When researching the topic of digital citizenship, I came across a definition that I believe explains it very clearly. Digital citizenship can be defined as the norms of behaviour with regard to technology use; the nine general areas of behaviour… Continue Reading →


During the #edcampuvic2020 zoom sessions, I was able to hear some really great conversations about group work in a classroom setting, and it has really allowed myself to learn more about what my personal opinions are regarding group work. Interestingly… Continue Reading →

Learning Progressions

Learning progressions can be defined as “the purposeful sequencing of teaching and learning expectations across multiple developmental stages, ages, or grade levels (Great Schools Partnership, 2013). This definition of learning progressions is my favourite one that I have seen this… Continue Reading →

C2C Conference: the importance of EMOTION!

            When reflecting on what I learned during this professional development day, I noticed one commonality between all of the workshops I attended: the theme of emotion and feeling. During the Authentic Learning for Global Sustainability workshop, the feeling of… Continue Reading →

Curriculum/Assessment: going grade-less or not?

            When thinking about what I learned throughout grades K-12, it saddens me to think about how much learning has been lost in my memory. Throughout my life, I think I have learned more from life experiences outside of a… Continue Reading →


I think my biggest lesson that I have learned thus far in the B.e.d program happened when I began to see the changes within the education system in Canada that have happened over the last few centuries. Seeing how the… Continue Reading →

Indigenous Day of Learning:)

            During the Indigenous Day of Learning, I reflected upon the definitions of assimilation, and reconciliation as well as the importance of action, as discussed by Dr. Dustin Louie. I firstly would like to acknowledge… Continue Reading →

What is Digital Literacy?

In my mind, digital literacy can be defined as the ability to make use of and navigate through technology in the way(s) that best helps an individual learn the information that they are seeking to learn. According to Cvetokovic and… Continue Reading →

Most Influential Teacher

When I was in grade 6, I became very ill and was unable to physically attend school. I can understand how frustrating that may have been for my teacher, as my doctors struggled to find answers at the time regarding… Continue Reading →

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